BIM in Principle and in Practice, Second Edition
English books / April 24, 2017

Price: Covering the principles behind building information modelling (BIM), its current use in practice and how it may develop in the future, BIM in Principle and in Practice provides construction professionals with an overview of this emerging field to enable informed discussions with clients and colleagues. BIM is a managed approach to the creation, collation and exchange of shared intelligent and structured data and information across a project. As its use grows there is an increasing need for construction practitioners to understand the principles behind it and how work practices must change to accommodate it. Full collaboration across the entire project team and standardised, well-structured information are at the heart of BIM and will enable enormous efficiencies in the construction industry. BIM in Principle and in Practice is intended to assist in understanding BIM and how it can be used and to provide answers to many of the common questions. Benefits of BIM in Principle and Practice, Second Edition: Completely up-to-date information on the emerging practice of BIM to inform construction professionals Applicable to the UK and international market for companies working internationally Practical guide to contemporary BIM principles and use, with illustrative case studies Relevant to all companies and…

ArchiCAD: Best Practice: The Virtual Building Revealed
English books / April 23, 2017

Price: On the market since 1984, ArchiCAD has firmly established itself among the best Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software packages available. The number of ArchiCAD users continues to increase as constant product development broadens the program’s spectrum of possible applications. ArchiCAD Best Practice: The Virtual Building™ Revealed provides comprehensive information on the many tools, functions, and processes of the programÂ’s research, professional, and educational uses. Buy on Amazon

Building Information Modeling: BIM in Current and Future Practice
English books / April 22, 2017

Price: The bright future and exciting possibilities of BIM Many architects and engineers regard BIM as a disruptive force, changing the way building professionals design, build, and ultimately manage a built structure. With its emphasis on continuing advances in BIM research, teaching, and practice, Building Information Modeling: BIM in Current and Future Practice encourages readers to transform disruption to opportunity and challenges them to reconsider their preconceptions about BIM. Thought leaders from universities and professional practice composed essays exploring BIM’s potential to improve the products and processes of architectural design including the structure and content of the tools themselves. These authors provide insights for assessing the current practice and research directions of BIM and speculate about its future. The twenty-six chapters are thematically grouped in six sections that present complementary and sometimes incompatible positions: Design Thinking and BIM BIM Analytics Comprehensive BIM Reasoning with BIM Professional BIM BIM Speculations Together, these authors provide stimulating ideas regarding new directions in building information modeling. Buy on Amazon

BIM and Integrated Design: Strategies for Architectural Practice
English books / April 22, 2017

Price: The first book devoted to the subject of how BIM affects individuals and organizations working within the ever-changing construction industry, BIM and Integrated Design discusses the implementation of building information modeling software as a cultural process with a focus on the technology’s impact and transformative effect—both potentially disruptive and liberating—on the social, psychological, and practical aspects of the workplace. BIM and Integrated Design answers the questions that BIM poses to the firm that adopts it. Through thorough research and a series of case study interviews with industry leaders—and leaders in the making out from behind the monitor—BIM and Integrated Design helps you learn: Effective learning strategies for fully understanding BIM software and its use Key points about integrated design to help you promote the process to owners and your team How BIM changes not only the technology, process, and delivery but also the leadership playing field How to become a more effective leader no matter where you find yourself in the organization or on the project team How the introduction of BIM into the workforce has significant education, recruitment, and training implications Covering all of the human issues brought about or exacerbated by the advent of BIM into the…